Doyle’s Gone Leaving US Supreme Court to Pick Up Hindle -v- Fuith

October 20, 2010 1 comment

Judge Doyle has gone but some of the damage he created is still being cleaned up.

While many cases focus on money, property and sometimes criminal issues, there is one case which stands out because it involves a child being allowed to go blind and the involvement of a convicted pedophile in the effort to sell a little girl when she was a baby.

The case is so egregious the U.S. Supreme Court has now gotten hold of the case – Karl Hindle v. Sheila Fuith (Case no.: 10-479)

The little girl’s dad is Karl Hindle, from the UK, and he puts it well in a brief video recorded earlier this month on the steps of the Supreme Court:

The child was abducted from the UK and hidden around the U.S. until the case ended up in Florida. Despite international court orders to get the child medical treatment for her blindness, Doyle ignored them and let the kid go blind subsequently awarding the mother who abused the child, Sheila Swindell (formerly Fuith) of Panama City FL, a permanent custody order.

Doyle excluded all the medical evidence to hide his screw up and then went on to exclude the deposition of a convicted pedophile involved in Fuith’s efforts to sell the child in Wisconsin in an illegal adoption scam.

The pedophile’s video deposition is also available:

Hindle has a blog, Emily Rose Hindle, where he is documenting his efforts and evidence on what has been done to his little girl as he tries to get the Supreme Court to clean up Doyle’s mess.

As for Doyle himself, have no fear Volusia taxpayers – he’s in comfortable retirement at your expense.

Cohibas and lattes anyone?


Doyle Resigns – BREAKING NEWS

January 8, 2010 3 comments
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Happy Holidays from Santa Doyle

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Judge Doyle Removed from Court Rotation – BREAKING NEWS!

December 16, 2009 6 comments

Judge Doyle has managed to strike again, this time in the civil court which deals with Baker and Marchman Act hearings.

These two pieces of law are in place for people who need help with mental or dependency issues but, after a string of complaints regarding his conduct – not looking at or hearing evidence, summary orders without hearing evidence – which sounds all too familiar, Chief Judge Walsh has decided to act and remove His Honor from the rotation.

Below is the press story published today in the Daytona News Journal:

Judge removed from Baker Act cases after remarks

Staff writer

DAYTONA BEACH — A circuit judge who angered attorneys three months ago with his remark about a South Florida lawyer “smoking Cohibas” and “drinking lattes” has once again prompted complaints with his words.

Circuit Judge John V. Doyle, 60, was removed this week from the rotation of a dozen judges who preside over Baker Act and Marchman Act hearings after he was accused of calling people seeking treatment “drunks” and “drug addicts.”

An employee of Stewart-Marchman-ACT Behavioral Healthcare reported to her bosses the judge “denied every respondent their right to a fair hearing by ordering every petition without reading it,” court records show.

As a counterpart to the state’s Baker Act, in which people can be held involuntarily for psychiatric issues, the Marchman Act allows people to be held or involuntarily treated for substance abuse.

Doyle’s behavior at the hearings to determine treatment for about a dozen people last Thursday prompted complaints to Chief Judge J. David Walsh, who wrote Doyle telling him he would no longer handle those cases.

“You recently told my judicial assistant that you prefer not to speak with me concerning any issues,” Walsh wrote. “That being the situation, I advise you that you are immediately removed from the rotation schedule of circuit judges presiding over Baker Act and Marchman Act hearings.”

Doyle did not immediately respond Tuesday to a request for comment.

The mother of one man who appeared before Doyle said she complained to the state Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Rhonda Grasseler was in court that day to try to get her 32-year-old son help under the Marchman Act for his drug problem. She said Doyle gave the 13 cases before him a minute each and refused to hear from anyone, instead making decisions instantly.

“My son needs treatment and I wanted and expected to be heard,” she said. Though her son was given an assessment for treatment, “which is what he needed,” she was concerned enough to complain.

Renee Wolf, a court liaison for the Marchman Act, wrote in a letter to her bosses that Doyle denied all attempts by anyone to speak. “Families asked to speak, and he would say, ‘Denied, next case,’ ” Wolf wrote.

Chet Bell, CEO of Stewart-Marchman-ACT, said the letter was passed on to the chief judge. “We simply felt it was necessary to forward our staffs’ account of what happened to the chief judge,” he said. “That is essentially our only role.”

Judge Walsh, who is investigating concerns raised in the letters, provided records requested in the matter but declined further comment.

The court is limited in what action it can take under Florida law, which places disciplinary powers in the hands of the Judicial Qualifications Commission. The commission is prohibited from confirming pending investigations. Last week, the Florida Supreme Court publicly reprimanded Volusia County Judge Mary Jane Henderson.

Doyle — who’s been a judge since 1990 and was re-elected without opposition last year — removed himself from a foreclosure case in September after complaints were made about comments he made in that case.

At a hearing, Doyle told attorney Farzad Milani, who was representing a bank, “that he would not do his work while (Milani) sits in his office in Fort Lauderdale smoking his Cohiba cigars and drinking his lattes.”

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Sex Offenders and Judge Doyle

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Judge Doyle has a disturbing, cavalier attitude towards sex offenders and particularly, child sex offenders and children.


One case involves a child sent to Florida under an international treaty from England. The child is now 7 years old but was only 1 when her future was given to Judge Doyle to decide – he took 5 years to deal with the case during which time the child was abducted by her mother out of state and was missing and endangered.

Missing FDLE

The case can be found at the Clerk of the Court’s website 

Karl Hindle -v- Sheila Fuith – Case # 2003 12692 FMDL 

The facts are these.

Emily Rose Hindle was born in England to a British father and American mother, Sheila Swindell (then known as Sheila Fuith).  Emily was taken from England to the US when she was 1 year old but her mom did not want to keep her so arranged to have the child “adopted”.

The dad was justifiably upset about this, especially as he never gave permission for Emily to be brought to the US in any event.

The family “adopting” Emily included a convicted child sex offender – Leslie Merriam:


The link to the Sex Offenders Register is here.

Emily also needed medical care for blindness which was stopped by her mom.  Judge Doyle, who ended up with the case here in Florida, didn’t think it was very important either and ignored the medical condition.

Emily Rose is now blinded.

Guess who Judge Doyle gave custody of Emily to?

The same mom who tried to adopt her out, gave her to a child sex offender, abducted her so she became missing and endangered and let her go blind!

The father, Karl Hindle has a blog of his own – the latest news is while the case is going through the Appeals procedure in the 5th District, a warrant has been issued for the dad’s arrest on stalking charges of the mom and her new husband – except he’s 4,000 miles away in England!

Cohibas anybody?

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Judge Doyle Orders Release of Man Who Admits Sexual Offenses

October 21, 2009 2 comments


The news has been full of the story of local radio station owner, Doug Wilhite on sexual offenses against minors – several teenagers have come forward and Wilhite has admitted sexual offenses.


The State Attorney prosecuting Wilhite came forward with new charges as more minors have come forward since the investigation began and the news broke. Wilhite was jailed last week after his bail bondsman decided to withdraw his bail and Volusia County investigators believed Wilhite was skipping town in his boat.

Judge Doyle dismissed the arrest and freed Wilhite on his own recognizance, stating the new charges were a “sucker punch to the defense”.

Get this straight – Wilhite has admitted sexual offenses in this prosecution.

Judge Doyle sets him free with NO bail.

Does anybody wonder why there is so much sexual crime going on in Florida and especially sexual offenses against children with judges such as Judge John Victor Doyle?


Farzad Milani’s Reaction to Judge “Wildman” Doyle’s Foreclosure Case Recusal

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The newbie attorney at the center of the Cohiba and Latte’s spat which has veteran Judge Doyle scampering for cover from the 5th District Court of Appeal is now revealed in an exclusive for Impeach Judge Doyle!

Far from smoking stinky chair legs and getting the jitters from that caffeine injection, Farzad is a bit of a health nut who enjoys the beach and boxing exercise at Xtreme Fitness.

While hanging out at the beach yesterday, Farzad learned the news of Judge “Wildman” Doyle’s recusal from his answering service which screens his calls from irate judges:

Milani dances the lambada on hearing Wildman Doyle recuses himself - no Cohibas or Lattes in sight!

Milani dances the lambada on hearing Wildman Doyle recuses himself - no Cohibas or Lattes in sight!

OK – we’re joking here – Milani (pictured right) in 2008 enjoys the beach while he contemplates a golden future in the law after passing the bar exam.